Born in 1980

After the hull was built in Perth by Swarbricks, the hull was shipped to southern yacht spars in Melbourne to be fitted out by David Gough. “These photos show the boat leaving the factory at Tarnard Drive Braeside, and one attaching the keel at SYC yard prior to launch,” said David. “The deck must have been off the Seaulater/Black Magic mould, 2 Dubois 40 footers I built around then. The boat was modified to take advantage of any changes that could be made under the IOR rule without affecting the age allowance. The rudder post is further aft, and the engine installation is different to most.”

The original owners were Ron Langman and Doug Russell, Ron was CEO of Containers Ltd and Commodore of the ORCV. They named her Evergreen and registered her on 28 November 1980.

1983 - 2013

Owner Former Commodore of Sandringham Yacht Club Ron White. Boat name Shenandoah 11

Azzurro was raced with extreme success in the mid 80s and early 90s by Ron White and his family out of Sandringham Yacht Club, when the boat was called Shenandoah 2.
Among their numerous successes was a divisional win in the 1994 S2HYR.

2013 - 2023

Shane Kearns, a career soldier (Royal Australian Engineers) only started sailing when his rugby career was coming to an end and he needed another sport that allowed plenty of time off. After discharge from the Defence Force, Shane started Getaway Sailing Adventures and specialised in trips to Lord Howe island with novice sailors, doing the trip over 30 times. Shane also conducted many Safety and Sea Survival courses throughout Australia, Hong Kong and NZ as one of the only instructors to finish the 98 Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

Kearns, found the remnants of 1994 Sydney to Hobart division winner Shenandoah II in Mooloolabah
in Queensland in January 2013. He used his credit card to secure Shenandoah II and then
subsequently spent dollar after dollar to transform a boat that was beyond repair into a genuine
division contender. With the restoration still underway the day before the 2014 S2HYR, she made a
spectacular debut leading in all handicap divisons for around two days, before finishing 3rd in her
division and setting a new S2HYR S&S 34 race record of under four days for the race.